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Staying On Track During The Exam Period

Exam season is nearly upon us and, whether you’re doing GCSEs and these are your first big exams or you’re an experienced post-grad sitting finals, chances are you’re likely to spending more time sat down at a desk revising than you usually do. That means far less time being even remotely active (you’d be surprised the difference even just standing in a lab compared to sitting down makes!).

Living with Adrenal Fatigue

Health and Wellbeing

At GHOFitness we are inspired by people who have overcome challenges in their life by living a healthy lifestyle. Today we are sharing Rosie's aka Miss Nutritionist story on her battle with Adrenal Fatigue and how she has overcome it.

Tips and benefits of winter exercise

Fitness Tips | Health and Wellbeing

It may be cold outside but after the Christmas blow out, it's time to go for a run. Going for a run or walk in the cold may be hugely off-putting, but don't let it cause you to sit in front of the telly instead.

4 Ways to Fight Those Snacking Urges

Health and Wellbeing

Need help to stop those cravings? Well keep on reading.

How to Get Back Into Health and Fitness After Being Unwell

Health and Wellbeing

The colder months creep in and we get more run down with the lead up to Christmas and New Year, most of us are more likely to get the sniffles or a nasty bug. This can mean we have to put our health and fitness plans on hold for a while. Getting back into it after you have been unwell can be hard as well as, having the fear of becoming ill again. Follow these tips to help you get back into your healthy lifestyle safely.

Why You Should Start Your New Fitness Regime Before 2017

Fitness Tips

The holiday season often puts a dampener on any plans to kick-start a new fitness regime. In fact, from as early as autumn some people get into the mentality that they’ll just make the changes in the new year. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There’s nothing to stop you from pulling the trigger and jumping in feet first with a new diet and exercise regime before 2017. Here are four benefits of getting fit before January.