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Chocolate Orange Pancakes

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Try this recipe for Pancake Day!

Orange and Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

We have got you covered this December - instead of grabbing for the chocolates at work, eating your whole advent calendar in one or consuming far too many mince pies. Make our Christmas Recipes, like these orange and cranberry oatmeal cookies! Made with delicious healthy ingredients.

Raspberry Superfood Balls

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Easy, no bake, superfood balls. Delicious as a healthy treat to stop you reaching for chocolate or crisps!

Mushroom Quinotto

What is Quinotto? It is Risotto made with Quinoa! Get the recipe for this delicious creamy flavoursome dish here.

Butternut Squash Buddha Bowl

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Ingredients:50g Uncooked Quinoa 150g Butternut Squash1 Tbsp. Olive Oil¼ Tsp PaprikaSalt + Pepper50g Salad Leaves30g Avocado½ Apple½ Red Pepper25g FetaSmall handful of CorianderSauce:1 Tbsp. Peanut

Squash Soup

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The perfect warming dish to make just in time for Halloween!