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Three drinks to help you stay on track

Fitness Tips

It is all too easy to undo all of your hard work sticking to a healthy diet by consuming lots of empty calories and sugar in your drinks. Here are three things you should be drinking to stay on track.

Is eating out sabotaging your progress?

Fitness Tips

I am sure we all know how much everyone loves a big old pizza from Pizza Express or all-you-can-eat Indian from that Indian Restaurant at the end of your road, but had it crossed your mind that this may not be the best option if you’re looking to reach your fitness goals and targets?

Should you be eating Bananas if your goal is weight loss?

Food & Recipes

When looking to eat healthy, we are advised to stock up on fruits and veggies, but should bananas be part of your diet if you're trying to tighten that waist line?


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These tasty little balls are a great snack to have. High in protein, super easy to make and full of tasty healthy ingredients.

Why learning to cook can help you say goodbye to fat for good!

Fitness Tips

If you're looking to lose weight and burn fat, then you'll know by now that your results are dependent on getting your nutrition plan right. But did you know that you are also far more likely to succeed in your goal if you learn how to cook? We take a closer look at some of the benefits.

Strawberries & 'Cream' Overnight Oats

Food and Recipes

Seeing Wimbledon on our TV's everyday got us thinking about healthy themed recipes. Prep up this recipe tonight and enjoy tomorrow morning!