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Fitness tips for making the most of the warmer weather

With the sun finally making an appearance again, lots of people naturally want to get outside more. Luckily, that’s perfect for increasing your fitness or introducing new exercise methods into your routine – and as a bonus, you might be able to work on your tan too!

Lizzie's 2nd blog post on her GHOFITNESS Journey

While having a Sunday morning coffee and a scroll through my emails, I’m excited to see a message from GHOFitness. ‘Good News! Your meal and exercise plan is now live and ready to view’ I immediately log in to see what the next week has in store for me...

Starting my Journey with GHOFitness

Health and Wellbeing

This is my first blog post for GHO Fitness and I wanted to share with you all my journey with GHO so far and tell you about the process of joining onto their fitness plan!

Why you need to have rest days while you are on a fitness plan

Fitness Tips

Exercise can certainly be addictive. The rush of endorphins experienced after a tough HIIT or weight training session will be well known by any fitness enthusiast. Coupled with the excitement that comes with seeing visible results on the scale and in performance, it is no surprise that many people are tempted to avoid taking rest days. Here is why you shouldn't......

Is training alone as beneficial as training in a group?

Fitness Tips

It is very much down to personal preference and fitness goals as to whether you prefer training as part of a group or training alone. They both have their own respective benefits and drawbacks.

Does it really matter when you work out?

Fitness Tips

One thing you'll hear lots of fitness enthusiasts go on about is timing. They talk about timing workouts as if it's an exact science - 'if you don't do workouts at the right times, then you won't get results!' This isn't entirely true. While working out at different times does have its advantages, you'll still get results whatever time you work out. Let's take a look at some of the different times to work out.