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Does it really matter when you work out?

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One thing you'll hear lots of fitness enthusiasts go on about is timing. They talk about timing workouts as if it's an exact science - 'if you don't do workouts at the right times, then you won't get results!' This isn't entirely true. While working out at different times does have its advantages, you'll still get results whatever time you work out. Let's take a look at some of the different times to work out.

Tips and benefits of winter exercise

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It may be cold outside but after the Christmas blow out, it's time to go for a run. Going for a run or walk in the cold may be hugely off-putting, but don't let it cause you to sit in front of the telly instead.

Why you're not getting results from Weight Training

Here, I've listed some of the reasons why people may not be getting results from weight training...

How to finally make it happen in 2017.

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New year, new you? Is your new year’s resolution once again to get healthier and fitter? Read our blogpost to find out how to make it happen this year.

The dos and don'ts of postnatal fitness

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For some women who have just had a baby, the furthest thing from their mind is exercise. For others, it's paramount that they get back out there and lose those baby pounds. There's absolutely no reason you can't return to your old fitness levels after having a baby, but you need to ensure you're not rushing it and that you can fit it all in with your new regime!

How to Get Back Into Health and Fitness After Being Unwell

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The colder months creep in and we get more run down with the lead up to Christmas and New Year, most of us are more likely to get the sniffles or a nasty bug. This can mean we have to put our health and fitness plans on hold for a while. Getting back into it after you have been unwell can be hard as well as, having the fear of becoming ill again. Follow these tips to help you get back into your healthy lifestyle safely.