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Three drinks to help you stay on track

Fitness Tips

It is all too easy to undo all of your hard work sticking to a healthy diet by consuming lots of empty calories and sugar in your drinks. Here are three things you should be drinking to stay on track.

Is eating out sabotaging your progress?

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I am sure we all know how much everyone loves a big old pizza from Pizza Express or all-you-can-eat Indian from that Indian Restaurant at the end of your road, but had it crossed your mind that this may not be the best option if you’re looking to reach your fitness goals and targets?

Why you need to have rest days while you are on a fitness plan

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Exercise can certainly be addictive. The rush of endorphins experienced after a tough HIIT or weight training session will be well known by any fitness enthusiast. Coupled with the excitement that comes with seeing visible results on the scale and in performance, it is no surprise that many people are tempted to avoid taking rest days. Here is why you shouldn't......

Is training alone as beneficial as training in a group?

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It is very much down to personal preference and fitness goals as to whether you prefer training as part of a group or training alone. They both have their own respective benefits and drawbacks.

Does it really matter when you work out?

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One thing you'll hear lots of fitness enthusiasts go on about is timing. They talk about timing workouts as if it's an exact science - 'if you don't do workouts at the right times, then you won't get results!' This isn't entirely true. While working out at different times does have its advantages, you'll still get results whatever time you work out. Let's take a look at some of the different times to work out.

Tips and benefits of winter exercise

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It may be cold outside but after the Christmas blow out, it's time to go for a run. Going for a run or walk in the cold may be hugely off-putting, but don't let it cause you to sit in front of the telly instead.