Why you're not getting results from Weight Training

Why you're not getting results from Weight Training

So many people go to the gym almost religiously, but don't see the results they feel they should be seeing. They've read all about using weights to help them create that sculpted body they're after - so why do they look the same as they did before? Why are their results coming in so slowly, if at all? Here, I've listed some of the reasons why people may not be getting results from weight training...

You're just not lifting heavy enough

The point of lifting weights is to break down muscle, plain and simple. When we break down the muscle, it grows back stronger than before. This is what makes men look built and women look tighter. You aren't breaking muscle if you're not challenging yourself with your weights. You should be visibly shaky on the last few reps, and occasionally even lifting to failure. You must challenge yourself!

You're not eating to support your training

Your nutrition is the most important thing. You make as much progress outside of the gym as you do inside of it. You must make sure you're eating a balanced diet with healthy proteins, carbs, and fats....our GHOFitness tailored Meal Plan is perfect ;-) Healthy eating 90% of the time with a couple of treats here and there works for a lot of people.

Your form is all wrong

Proper form is essential when lifting heavy. Poor form could not only result in you injuring yourself, you'll also look pretty silly. On a GHOFitness workout plan we provide you with instructional videos so you know how to correctly perform each exercise

You're not incorporating other types of exercise

Lifting weights can become addictive. But incorporating other kinds of exercise will ensure overall fitness and health. Focusing on cardiovascular exercise, as well as your flexibility, is always a good idea. You don't want stiff, tight muscles from not being flexible enough. Incorporating things like HIIT will help you to blast that excess fat too.

You're being impatient

If you've only been training for a short while and you think you should look like a fitness cover model by now, you need to chill out. Changing your body composition can take a very long time, depending on the shape you're in. Building muscle and losing fat isn't something you can rush. Using the GHOFitness Plan can help you get amazing results!