Why you should start your new fitness regime before 2018

Why you should start your new fitness regime before 2018

Here are four benefits of getting fit before January.

T’is the season… to feel amazing

Christmas can be a huge roadblock for anyone who wants to get fit. After all, the month of December offers enough temptation to derail even the sturdiest of diets. Instead of giving into this temptation, always remember that you could be looking and feeling better during the most social period of the year. This is a time when you see friends, relatives and loved ones a lot more than usual. Don’t you want them to see you looking at your best?

Food, glorious food

In an ideal world, you'd have no problem in giving up the abundance of sweets and chocolate that are always knocking around at Christmas. But realistically, you’re going to indulge at least once or twice over the holiday season. Instead of going cold turkey, you can atone for these sugary snacks by routinely taking part in physical activity.

Near-empty gyms

Gyms are absolutely bustling in January. Not so much in December, though. If you’re working out in the run up to 2018, you’ll find you have more access to equipment and fewer queues to deal with. As well, many gyms hike up their membership fees at the start of the year, so you could save a fair chunk of money if you sign up before January.

New Year, new goals

When the clock strikes midnight on 31st December, you can re-assess your goals. If you are happy with your diet and current level of fitness, how about starting a new challenge?

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