Tips and benefits of winter exercise

Tips and benefits of winter exercise

It may be cold outside but after the Christmas blow out, it's time to go for a run. Going for a run or walk in the cold may be hugely off-putting, but don't let it cause you to sit in front of the telly instead. From tips to walking and running in the cold, to why it's actually beneficial, as well as ideas for indoor exercise, read on for how to adapt your fitness regime to the cold winter months.

The benefits

Walking in the cold uses up more energy than walking in the warm as your body is burning calories to get it warmed up, as well as to get you moving. This isn't the only benefit; getting outside also gives you a change of scenery, fills your body with fresh air and gets you out of stuffy rooms full of cold germs and viruses.

Tips for winter jogging

First of all, layer-up rather than wearing one or two heavy items, so you can strip off as you need to. Do your warm up just outside your house or wherever you start so that you can remove your first layer before you even get going. This way you step out of your house cosy but are able to strip down as soon as your body warms up. As always, set yourself milestones and buddy up - these year-round motivation tips will help see you through the winter months if you are finding it a struggle. Most importantly, don't forget the water. Despite the cold weather your body still needs hydration, and runners often find themselves more dehydrated in winter as they are less likely to remember this.

Add indoor exercise to your regime

When the seriously inclement weather hits, and we are talking sleet and snow here, it may be wise to turn your attentions to the indoors for a while. Head to the gym, sign up for a class or simply workout in your own lounge, but don't use the cold conditions as an excuse not to exercise - there are still plenty of locations where you can get fit regardless.

Going for a long walk or a run in the winter can actually see you get fitter than doing so in the summer, but it's important to take the necessary steps to get the most out of it. If you need some help, then signing up to the GHOFitness plan can not only help you shed the weight but also help get your body lean and toned, whatever the weather!