Three drinks to help you stay on track

Three drinks to help you stay on track

It is all too easy to undo all of your hard work sticking to a healthy diet by consuming lots of empty calories and sugar in your drinks. Here are three things you should be drinking to stay on track.


Sometimes the classics are the best. We all know that we should drink more water, but why? The benefits are almost limitless and you are missing out if you aren't reaping the rewards of staying hydrated. Drinking more water helps to increase energy, relieve fatigue, flush out toxins, improve your complexion, ease headaches and promote weight loss. Plus, it is common for us to mistake thirst and dehydration for hunger, so ensure you keep your water levels topped up to prevent this from happening and help you stay on track with your fitness journey.

Green tea

Green tea contains a powerful mixture of antioxidants and caffeine that make it a powerhouse of health. Perhaps most excitingly, studies have shown that green tea can increase both fat burning and your metabolic rate, which will help you achieve your weight loss goals. Green tea could make you smarter too! Caffeine has long been proven to be linked to brain function, acting as a stimulant, to help you perform better. Green tea contains lower levels of caffeine than coffee though, which means you can enjoy its benefits without risking the jittery feeling that accompanies a caffeine overload.

Hot chocolate

This might sound like an unusual healthy drink - but hear us out! When you are trying to stick to a healthy meal plan, there are always going to be those pesky cravings that you just can't shake. Although you shouldn't give in to every one of these, allowing yourself a few craving-satisfying treats will stop you from falling off the health wagon altogether. There are lots of low calorie hot chocolates available and if snuggling up with a cup could stop you from reaching for that family size bar of chocolate, we don't think there's anything wrong with that.