'The Importance Of How You 'Feel' Rather Than The Way You Look'

'The Importance Of How You 'Feel' Rather Than The Way You Look'

If there's one thing I've learnt during my fitness journey then it's that looks aren't everything.

At the beginning of my fitness journey I began with the similar intention of many: I wanted to look different. At the time I began my fitness journey the 'on trend fitness look' was a defined core with strong abs. I became hooked at the idea of having 'abs' and alas I went, completing stupid amount of sit ups everyday (fyi, you can't spot reduce people). Looking back at it all now I laugh at myself and my uneducated intentions and beliefs. But, there was no denying the fact that I wanted to look different - despite how that would actually make me feel.

During the first year or so I spent my entire journey working towards a stronger core. What I didn't think about however, was the way it would make me feel - instead I focused and continued to focused on appearances. But why? Why did I think having defined abdominals would bring me happiness and make me feel like a true 'fitness goer?' because i'll tell you one thing... it sure as heck didn't make me feel like that!

I could sit here and blame social media's unrealistic posts and articles for that, but I won't. It's easy to get caught up in the hype and expectations of society but what we need to remember is that happiness doesn't come from the number on the scale, the amount of calories you should be consuming a day or the amount of inches your waist is at - because guess what, your life will slowly be consumed by those facts and figures once you have a fitness physique in mind. Instead, your happiness should come from the way you feel. Having a certain fitness physique doesn't guarantee your happiness. Believe me, I'd much rather a social life, delicious food and a more relaxed fitness lifestyle than a hardcore set of abs.

It was only until I went through my journey of reaching abs when i discovered just how different the reality of having your desired 'fitness physique' is. So, when the time came and I finally realised that I wasn't actually happy within myself (I was tired, exhausted and hungry), I knew a few things had to change. Firstly, I needed to focus on the way I felt rather than the way I looked and here's what I did:

- Be honest with yourself

First things first... admit that you're no longer happy within yourself. Acknowledge the reasons why and and focus on how you can change that.

- Ditch the scales

Everyone's body is different - fact. Focusing on how you feel rather than the number on the scale is the most healthiest and achievable way to lose weight/reach goals than it is focusing on how much you weigh. A number shouldn't determine your happiness.

-Control your social media feed

Social media is great but at times it can be extremely unrealistic with many people focusing on 'big bootys' or 'defined abs'. If your goal right now is to focus on how you feel rather than how you look then perhaps you should follow accounts with the same attitude. It's amazing just how much it can affect your mind.

-Positive starts

At the beginning of each day, wake up, look in the mirror and find one thing you love about yourself and focus on it for a few seconds. We get so caught up with noticing the things we hate about ourselves that we are literally incapable of self love and accepting compliments at times. So stop with the self loathing and start giving yourself a little self love every now and then.