Starting my GHOFITNESS Journey

Starting my GHOFITNESS Journey

Well this is it – no more waiting, I am officially cleared for exercise after having my third baby. It’s definitely time to start work on this post pregnancy body. To be fair I have kept quite active for the last 9 months so I have been able to retain some level of fitness, so now my long walks with a big bump will be replaced with some sweaty workouts with dumbbells!

The first thing I need to do is set up my GHOFITNESS profile and input the details about myself and my goals. I briefly wonder if there is a box to tick about eventually getting a full nights sleep? No? Ah well.

It’s worth mentioning here that I am not aiming for weight loss (although that is an option with this plan) I just want to increase my fitness again and work on strengthening my muscles. Oh and a nice bum and abs would be a welcome bonus!

The next few pages to fill in are all about my current fitness level and how often/where I would like to workout. Well part of the appeal of the GHOFITNESS program to me was the ability to workout from home. Packing the baby in my gym bag along with water bottle and trainers wouldn’t be ideal so a good little session in my living room while she sleeps is the way to go. Plus is doesn’t matter if my gym top doesn’t match my leggings!

The next part asks about my current diet and any dietary requirements. Another attraction to this programme is the meal plan as it will give me a simple, healthy recipe for each meal - saving me time thinking of what to cook and counting the macros. I start to input details about what I typically eat in a day and have to laugh when I go over the word limit – ooops!

Then I put in details about my height, weight, activity levels etc and find a profile pic of myself where I’m not so tired and had actually put on makeup. Then it’s all done and it’s over to the GHOFITNESS team to put together my personalised plan. This will take around a week and I’m really looking forward to getting started. Bring it on…!