Lizzie's 2nd blog post on her GHOFITNESS Journey

Lizzie's 2nd blog post on her GHOFITNESS Journey

While having a Sunday morning coffee and a scroll through my emails, I’m excited to see a message from GHOFitness. ‘Good News! Your meal and exercise plan is now live and ready to view’ I immediately log in to see what the next week has in store for me.

I’m taken to my Dashboard page that outlines all my meals for the day and a recommended workout. The meals all look really good, the only probably being that I haven’t got in the ingredients for the evening meal. However, I spot a little ‘change my meals’ button below the list and this takes me to a page where I can pick and choose all my meals from a huge list of recipes. I can even type in an ingredient and it will give me options based on that. I type in ‘salmon’ as I had two fillets in the fridge that needed using…. Ah ha! Twelve options for a salmon based dinner, brilliant! I also spot that you can search for a recipe based on difficulty, time and dietary requirements, all very useful. Just for fun I type in ‘cookies’ as I have a little bit of an obsession with tea and biscuits – to my delight there are even recipes for healthy cookies and brownies too!

I explore a bit more and discover my full shopping list for the week, based on the meals I’ve chosen. This is bound to save me time and it’s all on my phone too (with little boxes to tick off while shopping) this makes me happy!

There is a progress page which will help me keep a visual track of how I’m getting on. I add in my measurements and upload some ‘before’ photos of how I look at the start of the programme. Hmmm, I suppose having to take a snap of this mummy tummy is even more motivation to get a good ‘after’ pic!

Well the baby is asleep so no time like the present, let’s give this first workout a go. I’m actually feeling excited at the prospect of getting sweaty and out of breath! So I get out my weights, put on my trainers and some music and sweat my way through GHOBURN. It is a series of sets with a resistance move followed by a cardio move with a rest in between. I admit I struggled towards the end, I obviously have a lot of work to do to build up my fitness again, but I felt so good afterwards. It’s true that those endorphins kick in after a good workout and now I’m looking forward to seeing how I get on with the next session!