GHOGY GURU: Arron Crowther

GHOGY GURU: Arron Crowther

1 - Tell us something unusual about yourself. I was a vegetarian until my 16th birthday, I went out with friends and got dared to eat a McDonald's, although I no longer eat that rubbish, I'm glad I did, because life would be dull without my chicken and beef 🙈. I've always loved my food, but it wasn't until I got married 2 years ago that I really discovered I could cook, now I'm working as a chef.

2 - Why is fitness & well being important to you? It's important to me because I want to look after myself, I love food, so living a healthier lifestyle means I can have the odd treat and indulgence. I love spending a day in the kitchen coming up with exciting healthier meal ideas.

3 - What is your favourite recipe? I don't think I have a favourite recipe as such, I'm a breakfast man. As long as I've had a good breakfast, I'm happy for the day, if I get up to a bowl of coco pops then watch out, I'm moody for the day 😂

4 - What healthy eating tip would you give a beginner? Plan ahead, cooking healthy meals doesn't have to take a lifetime, make big batches and freeze some. Set your alarm ten minutes earlier, small changes = big results!

5 - Tell us about your fitness & well being journey. I've got a long way to go, I've got a much better understanding of nutrition and how certain foods work with our bodies, but I want to carry on and learn more about exercise and the benefits it has on us.

6 – Why did you decide to join the GHOGY team? I was delighted when ghogy got in touch, I've followed them from day one. I've seen them grow and I'm delighted I'm getting a chance to be part of it. I want to make a difference, If one person recreates a recipe I make, I'm ecstatic. I'm excited to see what the future holds, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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