Fitness tips for making the most of the warmer weather

Fitness tips for making the most of the warmer weather

With the sun finally making an appearance again, lots of people naturally want to get outside more. Luckily, that’s perfect for increasing your fitness or introducing new exercise methods into your routine – and as a bonus, you might be able to work on your tan too!

How to get fit outside

Your body burns more fat when you work out in warmer temperatures because it needs to work harder to cool you down, so taking your fitness regime (like a GHOFitness plan, for example) outdoors – even just to your garden – could bring an increased fat burn for better results. Take your weights or your yoga mat into the garden, bring your Bluetooth speakers and treat the outdoors as your own personal gym – you’ll feel better for it, as we’ll see in the next point…

Get positive

Another benefit of working out in the open air is that exposure to sunshine releases endorphins – hormones that make you feel good. Exercise does the same, so by exercising outdoors you’re getting a double whammy of positivity which will keep you positive and motivated when it comes to your fitness goals.

Make it a lifestyle

As well as taking your usual exercise plan outdoors, you can incorporate other ways of exercising when the weather is warmer – for example, walking or cycling to work are much nicer when it’s not blowing a gale, and you’ll start your day with a more positive mindset. These are easy, small changes to make that will add plenty of extra exercise into your routine without feeling like you’re burning out.

Tips for working out in warmer weather

The top priorities when getting your shred on in the sunshine are hydration and sun protection. We all like having a bronzed glow but sunburn is bad for your skin and can be dangerous. It’s easy to forget about when you’re doing squats, so make sure you’ve got a water-resistant sunblock on first (so you don’t sweat it off!). And make sure you’re drinking plenty of water too because heat exhaustion and dehydration are not only dangerous but will also mean your workout will get cut short – defeating the object of getting outside in the first place!