Does it really matter when you work out?

Does it really matter when you work out?

One thing you'll hear lots of fitness enthusiasts go on about is timing. They talk about timing workouts as if it's an exact science - 'if you don't do workouts at the right times, then you won't get results!' This isn't entirely true. While working out at different times does have its advantages, you'll still get results whatever time you work out. Let's take a look at some of the different times to work out.

Morning workouts

Lots of people rave about morning workouts, and with good reason. Working out in the morning can wake you up and make you feel amazing. It sets a wonderful tone for your day. Some people even like it for fasted workouts. Although some people claim fasted workouts do nothing for them, others think they work wonders to burn fat!

Ultimately, it's whatever works for you. If you want to do a little HIIT training on an empty stomach in the morning, you might just feel like you've earned your breakfast. If you want something small and easily digestible before you train, that's fine too. Remember, you should always eat something before doing anything strenuous, such as weight lifting.

Morning workouts should help you to get a better quality sleep at night. You'll probably find the rest of your day is far more productive too. Just bear in mind you'll likely have to get up pretty early if you want to have a morning workout before you go to work. It's all too easy to press snooze one too many times when you've planned a morning workout!

Evening workouts

Evening workouts have some benefits too. If you've had a tough day, an evening workout could help you to get rid of some stress. Lots of gyms will be emptier in the evening too, as people favour morning workouts. You'll be able to have a calmer morning when you workout in the evening - no rushing around getting gym bags packed.

Some studies show that working out in the evening can make it harder to fall asleep. That being said, other studies showed that although it took longer, a better quality of sleep was achieved. One of the main issues with evening workouts is making excuses not to do it after you've had a tough day!

As you can see, there are both pros and cons to morning/evening workouts. Make sure you stick with whichever works for you in the long run to see better results. When you do a plan such as the GHOFitness plan, it really doesn't matter what time you get moving - just make sure you give it your all!