4 Reasons Why Having An Ingrained Weekly Routine Is The Key To Getting Fit

4 Reasons Why Having An Ingrained Weekly Routine Is The Key To Getting Fit

The only way you're going to get fit is by having a routine, otherwise you'll be making excuses before you know it and that fitness goal will be out the window. Here are four reasons why a routine is the key to getting fit.

1. It gives you structure

This one's obvious. By mapping out your week, you know when you can squeeze that hour in to go to the gym, without having to compromise. The fact that you now have a structured week will also allow you to find extra time for other things you'd like to do.

2. It gives you a sense of achievement

If your weekly goal is to do five workouts, there's no better feeling than knowing you've stuck to your routine and achieved your goal without making any excuses.

3. It makes you feel more comfortable in your surroundings

Sometimes it can be a bit daunting going to a new gym for the first time. By having a routine you will get to know the place, the equipment and the staff so that each time you go you'll feel a lot more comfortable and confident in what you're trying to achieve.

4. It makes working out your primary objective for the day

Making your workout routine your default objective for the day means you are a lot less likely to keep hitting snooze or go home straight after work and binge-watch episodes of Game of Thrones. By doing that you'll be surprised how your mentality towards the gym will change (as well as your body).

When structuring your routine for the first time, it's always best to ease into it, otherwise you could burn yourself out pretty quickly or do yourself an injury if your body's not used to it. So, how about signing up to our GHOGY plan and start achieving your goals!